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Benefits of LinkedIn for Business 2022

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As you might have already known, LinkedIn is not just for job-seekers and human resources or recruiters. In this article, we will give you tips on how to use LinkedIn for business networking and tapping the right connections.

Most businesses promote their company, brand, and products/services in all possible channels.

  • Through search engine optimization
  • Through local, national, and international events and press
  • Through listings (directories, online listings, etc)
  • Through social media marketing (TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and yes, LinkedIn too)

As LinkedIn reportedly has 849.6 million total members globally as of July 2022, it makes more sense to promote your business through this site because most, if not all, of these users are professionals. You can also observe if you have a LinkedIn account that most of the users are legitimate and do not use fake names and photos unlike with other social media platforms.

In that case, targeting will be more accurate as there is one legitimate user per account with the right name and the right demographic. You can also generate high quality leads because of the high level of trustworthiness on this platform.

How to Market Your Business on LinkedIn?

With the LinkedIn platform, you can have a more targeted content and specify your B2B and B2C campaigns through:

  • Age demographic
  • Profession
  • Skills and Interests
  • Industry
  • Educational Background
  • Location or Country

The algorithm of LinkedIn focuses more on engagement and not just numbers. Instead of reaching a very wide audience and only getting 10% to actually check out your site, on LinkedIn, you can reach a more filtered audience, let’s say 5,000 people and yet have 60% traffic and engagement as it is based on relevance.

In order to do reach these numbers and conversion, you need the following things to consider when trying to reach the right connections:

1.   Be clear about your goals and targets

  • Identify what you want to achieve. Being clear about your goals and targets will form the direction of your whole marketing strategy. List down all the possible things that you want to get from marketing on Linkedin.

2.   Choose a demographic

  • Identify your target audience and narrow down on a specific niche. For example the business that you are promoting is in the real estate industry and your location is Dubai, you should target those who are working or who have businesses in Dubai and narrow down on profession and background too.

3.   Create your company profile on LinkedIn

  • To be able to create a company profile and business page on LinkedIn, you will first need a personal profile, say you’re the CEO or the marketing manager. Click the Work menu, and Create a Company Page. Then from there you can fill out all the required details.

4.   Start creating your content

  • Establish first your name by creating several blog posts and information about your company, brand, services, products, and anything else that can help get your name out there. Most posts on LinkedIn in 2022 are videos, photos, polls, and all with the proper hashtags. It’s up to you what type of content you’d like to share and would reach the right network.

5.   Build a network and following

  • After posting some content, you’d notice that you will gain followers and subscribers. From there, you can engage with them and their connections to build an actual network by liking, reacting, commenting, and sharing other people’s posts to get noticed. Give value and insight in your shared posts and comments and not just plain opinion or message, this will make people click on your business profile.

6.   Create sponsored ads

  • Use sponsored updates to reach out to your target audience and see which type of people are actually engaging with your ads. Check their industries, profession, skills, and demographic. From there, you will have a better idea how you can do your lead generation for your next posts and ads.

Advantages of LinkedIn for Business

With these things in mind, you can start establishing your brand and reaching the right audience and network through LinkedIn.

Aside from brand reach, you can get a higher number of quality leads and gain trust and credibility. Most people looking for company legitimacy are searching the profile and achievements or accomplishments on LinkedIn.

Overall, this is a great platform to utilize if you want a more filtered network with high quality business connections. Start your LinkedIn marketing today!

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