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Why Web Hosting is Important for Your Website

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Why Web Hosting is Important for Your Website

All businesses and brands, even individuals who are establishing themselves need to have their own website and hosting services. Web hosting is like a virtual land on the internet that we can rent to store our data just like a physical store in a mall.

In this competitive online world, a lot of businesses fail because of slow website speed, poor user experience, and subpar website functionality.

The main pillars that you should think about when creating your website are:

  1. Responsive website design
  2. Search engine optimization
  3. Great web hosting

Basically, these three work together to make your website available and enjoyable to your target audience. Most importantly, it needs to be registered or put up on the web so your target audience can access your site easily when searching for it. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best web hosting sites.

Some offer to build the whole website for you, some offer web design and development, and some offer even up to support and maintenance. Now, what are the things to consider when choosing web hosting services?

What to look for in web hosting sites?

Assuming you have finished designing and developing your site with SEO friendly content, what you need to do now is to upload it on the web.

Different web hosts offer different packages for each type of customer. When looking for a package or a web hosting service provider, identify what you need first. Be clear with your targets and needs as a website.

Are you an individual, a small business, or a corporation? Either way, these are some things to consider when looking for a web host:

  1. Storage Space
  2. Uptime/Downtime
  3. Safety and Security
  4. Site Speed
  5. Plugins
  6. Pricing
  7. Support

1.   Storage Space

How much data should be stored on your server? How much traffic can your site handle daily? How much storage limit do you need? These are the questions that you must answer to be able to identify which website hosting service is right for you. One of the most trusted web hosts known for its usability and accessibility is BlueHost.

2.   Uptime/Downtime

Website uptime is represented by percentage when you check your data. It is important to check how often your website is “UP” and functional, and when it is “DOWN” and inaccessible. Uptime is the responsibility of your web host, but the downtime is your responsibility. Content, location, and other factors can affect your site’s downtime.

To limit the downtime percentage on your website, we suggest staying away from shared hosting and instead, try to get the best and affordable VPS web hosting services like Hostinger.

3.   Safety and Security

Even if the goal is to reach out to the public and a wider audience, safety and security is still the number one priority in publishing your website. Check the security features of your web hosts because they will handle your data. Anything and anyone online can be attacked by malware and scammers, so online security should really be taken into account.

4.   Site Speed

We’ve talked about website loading speed before and why it is very crucial for any website and mobile app for conversion. Especially nowadays, the competition is not really about product quality and great service anymore but more on online accessibility and availability. People are always looking for fast and accurate data, products, services, etc. So make sure your service provider can give you fast site speed.

5.   Plugins

Look for web hosting sites that can scale up with your business. It is good to always have new plugins that can make processes easier for both you and your customers.

6.   Pricing

Consider your budget when requesting for a web host. It depends on your requirements and your budget, so think about what you need as a website when looking for packages. Each provider can give custom packages too and free consultation so you can get the best service for the best value.

7.   Support

Lastly, check if they have 24/7 customer support and technical support that can assist you in instances like security breach, site crashes, unexpected system maintenance, pricing updates, or even simple questions and issues that you may have when their FAQ pages are not enough.

What’s next for you?

In conclusion, web hosting is important for your business or professional/personal website so people can easily look you up when they need you. Hire a digital marketing agency to do these things for you so you can focus on your products or services and your returns for a hassle-free business process.

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