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Facebook Advertising Questionnaire



    Do you currently have an ads account set up in the Facebook business manager?

    What are your goals for Facebook advertising? (Choose any that apply)*

    Increase salesIncrease branding & awarenessIncrease mobile app installsIncrease video viewsGenerate leadsIncrease visitors to the websiteIncrease fansIncrease engagement on FacebookIncrease engagement on InstagramOther: Please explain below.

    Which of the following placements are you interested in running ads?
    Facebook Newsfeed (Desktop)Facebook Newsfeed (Mobile)Facebook Right ColumnInstagram FeedInstagram Stories - Vertical AdsFacebook Audience NetworkFacebook Messenger

    What is your monthly/daily budget for Facebook ads?*

    Please enter the website or landing pages URL's that you would like traffic sent to from the Facebook ads.

    Do you have any daily, weekly or monthly goals you want to achieve with Facebook & Instagram ads?

    What are your target market locations?

    What are your target market age and gender?

    Is there a country/countries that you wanted to exclude in the promotion?

    Do you have a list of target Interest? If none, please skip this part and we will provide the target interest suitable to your business niche and goals.

    Additional Message:


    123 456 789

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